Globe Guard™ Hood

The Globe Guard™ Hood offers head and neck particulate-protective barrier coverage featuring DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex. Durable, comfortable, and with an exceptional fit, it helps to protect against airborne particulates that can include toxic substances on the fireground. Part of the Globe Guard™ head-to-toe system, designed for the health and safety of what’s really most important underneath – you.

Certified to NFPA 1971
(Structural Fire Fighting)
Optional Particulate Protection for Hoods

  • PARTICULATE BARRIER THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE HOOD helps to protect vulnerable head and neck areas from airborne particulates.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED PANELS enable a comfortable fit around your head and shoulder and accommodate the SCBA facepiece, while reducing bulk under the helmet.
  • A WIDER BIB provides greater coverage over your shoulder and through your full range of motion.
  • A DOUBLE SEAM OVER THE HEAD for a comfortable fit with your helmet.
  • ELASTICIZED FACE OPENING provides a secure fit around the SCBA facepiece and is optimized for easy donning and doffing, allowing for comfortable wear in both the ready and engaged positions.
  • THIN, LIGHTWEIGHT PARTICULATE-PROTECTIVE BARRIER allows for uninterrupted hearing for critical situational awareness.
  • FLAT LOCK LOW-PROFILE SEAM CONSTRUCTION adds comfort and durability.
  • CHANNEL-STITCHED QUILTING for added stability of the barrier, while allowing stretch and flexibility during donning and doffing.
  • PARTICULATE-BLOCKING EFFICIENCY (0.1 to 1.0 microns): 98%
  • TPP: 33.9
  • THL: 346.8
  • Outer layer of NOMEX®/LENZING knit blend provides flame and thermal resistance and durability.
  • DUPONT™ NOMEX® NANO FLEX particulate-protective barrier is thinner, lighter, highly breathable, and flame resistant with exceptional elasticity and superior particulate barrier performance.*
  • Inner layer of NOMEX®/LENZING knit blend wicks moisture away from your skin and is soft and comfortable.

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