Three More Recipients Announced in the 2018 Globe Gear Giveaway

August 28, 2018

Globe by MSA, in partnership with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) and DuPont Protection Solutions (DuPont), is giving away 52 sets of new, state-of-the-art turnout gear to 13 volunteer fire departments in need through the 2018 Globe Gear Giveaway program. Now in its seventh year, the program works to enhance the safety and capabilities of small-town fire departments across the U.S. and Canada. Recipients are being announced monthly throughout the year.

The latest recipients are the Ben Lomond (CA) Fire Protection District, the New Victoria (NS, Canada) Fire Department, and the Huntington Volunteer Fire Company (Phillipsburg, NJ).

Ben Lomond (CA) Fire Protection District

The Ben Lomond Fire Protection District (BLFD) is an all-volunteer fire department with one paid chief. BLFD volunteers respond to an average of 500 calls per year involving structure fires, wildland fires, vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, public services, and more. All 35 responders are currently using turnout gear that is nearly 15 years old and not compliant with recommended safety standards. Due to obligations such as station repairs, apparatus replacement, and the need for new self-contained breathing apparatuses, securing new turnouts has been put on hold.

“[This donation of] Globe gear would provide a fresh set of turnouts for our top responding volunteers,” said BLFD Engineer Dan Arndt. “This would not only help ensure our firefighters’ safety, it would also reward our responders for their commitment to the community.”

New Victoria (NS, Canada) Fire Department

The New Victoria Fire Department is located on the mouth of Sydney Harbour in the most northeastern part of Nova Scotia. The department responds to an average of 120 calls per year, serving approximately 5,000 residents over 100 square miles. Department personnel train hard to ensure they are ready to respond. However, about half of its 22 volunteers must wear gear that is more than 10 years old and not up to recommended standards.

“Our members are dedicated and take much pride in our department,” said Deputy Chief Andrew Petrie. “Receiving this gear will be a great morale boost for our members. Thank you to Globe, DuPont, and the NVFC for this opportunity to help make our responders safe.”

Huntington Volunteer Fire Company (Phillipsburg, NJ)

The Huntington Volunteer Fire Company has 27 volunteers who protect 3,800 residents in Phillipsburg, NJ. The company averages 180 calls each year that include fire, accident, traffic control, EMS assistance, and other public services. Its members are very proactive in the community and provide fire and life safety education annually to the local school during Fire Prevention Week in October and host a monthly breakfast to help raise capital for their expenses. Six new firefighters have joined the crew over the last two years, bringing their volunteer responder count to 27. All are equipped with turnouts, but 15 sets are more than 10 years old, forcing the crew to use gear on the front line that doesn’t meet recommended safety standards.

“Responder safety is paramount,” said Chief Leo Pursell. “Any new gear would go a long way in ensuring both new recruits and our veterans feel protected.”

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