New NOMEX® NANO dramatically reduces the weight and bulk of current turnout gear systems, helping to give firefighters increased mobility and better range of motion. What’s more, NOMEX® NANO features improved total heat loss (THL) compared to typical thermal liners with similar thermal protective performance (TPP), which helps reduce heat stress. Quilted to the latest low-friction GLIDE ICE™ face cloth for optimum comfort. Recommended for use with Safety Components outer shells.

Face Cloth: 60% NOMEX® filament yarn with 40% NOMEX®/LENZING FR® blend spun yarn, twill weave

Batting: One layer of NOMEX® NANO (0.6 oz/yd2) plus one layer of NOMEX® non-woven spunlace (2.3 oz/yd2)

Weight: 6.5 oz/yd2

Supplier: Safety Components

Certified Composites (PDF)