Our most popular choice for overall proven performance and affordability, 3M SCOTCHLITE incorporates a center silver stripe impregnated into the 3M SCOTCHLITE trim. The reflective surface of this solid color fluorescent trim is composed of wide angle retroreflective lenses (glass beads) bonded with a special polymer layer to a durable flame resistant backing. Available with red/orange or lime/yellow offering both fluorescence for daytime visibility and superior reflective properties for nighttime visibility.

Widths: 3"

Supplier: 3M™

Available Colors: 3M SCOTCHLITE™ TRIPLE TRIM Lime/Yellow with Silver Center, 3M SCOTCHLITE™ TRIPLE TRIM Red/Orange with Silver Center, 3M SCOTCHLITE™ Lime/Yellow, 3M SCOTCHLITE™ Red/Orange

Certified Composites (PDF)