Turnout Gear Materials

NFPA-certified turnout gear consists of a three-layer ensemble made up of an outer shell, moisture barrier, and thermal liner with each layer performing a critical function. These fabrics in turn are constructed from inherently flame-resistant fiber blends which impart a variety of attributes including break-open resistance, flexibility, weight, strength, abrasion resistance, and durability.

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Outer Shells

The main purpose of the outer shell is to protect the firefighter from direct flame. It also contributes to abrasion and cut protection as well as some thermal protection. Different mills that manufacture outer shell fabric also engineer into their fabric additional attributes, like strength, flexibility, and abrasion resistance.

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Moisture Barriers

The primary purpose of the moisture barrier is to protect the firefighter from water and what NFPA refers to as the "common liquids": chlorine, battery acid, aqueous film-forming foam, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, and antifreeze fluid. The other purpose of the moisture barrier is to allow perspiration to move away from the wearer, also referred to as "breathability."

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Thermal Liners

The thermal liner provides a majority of the thermal protection from the ambient heat in the room. The more thermal lining there is, the less heat the firefighter will feel. The less thermal lining there is, the more heat the firefighter will feel.

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Reinforcements & Padding

Choose from several reinforcement materials that offer abrasion resistance, as well as various attributes such as durability, nonabsorbency, and ease of cleaning. Padding improves comfort when crawling and kneeling.

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Reflective Trim Materials

NFPA requires that retroreflective and fluorescent trim must be present in stated places on structural firefighting turnout gear for day and night visibility. Several types and colors of reflective trim are available.

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