When called into action, you need to fight the fire – not your gear. Featuring the most comfortable collar on the market, COLLARBREAK™, the collar is sewn smoothly to the inner liner and then attached to the outer shell on the outside for a completely smooth fit across the neck. The added length in the AXTION® Sleeve allows you to move freely. An Extended Back option allows you to extend the back by 3” or 6”.

Certified to NFPA 1971
(Structural Fire Fighting)

  • Semi-bellows CARGO/HANDWARMER POCKETS lined with KEVLAR® fabric inside and NOMEX® fleece behind hold a lot but don’t bulge out in the front.
  • CONTOURED SLEEVES are ergonomically curved to work with you — not against you.
  • AXTION® LINER allows unrestricted movement and easy access between the layers.
  • GENEROUS LINER POCKET is lined with moisture barrier.
  • TRIMTRAX® THREAD PROTECTION with patented cording lasts far longer on sewn on trim than conventional stitching.
  • DOUBLE-STITCHED SEAMS with 8 – 10 stitches per inch for longer service life.

Optional Extended Back
Allows you to choose to extend the back by 3" or 6" for additional overlap and lettering below the SCBA.

AXTION® Sleeve
Provides extra length when you reach.

COLLARBREAK™ Attachment System
The collar sewn to the liner instead of the outer shell for a completely smooth fit across the neck.

Free-Hanging Throat Tab
Stays out of the way when not deployed.

Thermally Enhanced Upper Body
Is oversized for more coverage.

YOCCO™ Drag Rescue Device
Is easy to deploy when you need it, out of the way when you don't.

Telescoping Sleeve Wells
Keep water out and add thermal protection.

TRIMTRAX® Thread Protection
Trim attached with cording that lasts far longer on sewn on trim than conventional stitching.

Your choice of OPTIONS: Closures, Pockets, Holders/Clips/Straps, Patches and Sleeve Wells/Wristers.
  • MEN’S & WOMEN'S SIZES: Chest, Length, Shape, and Sleeve.
Your choice of MATERIALS:
  • Outer Shells, Moisture Barriers, Thermal Liners, Reinforcements, Reflective Trim, and Lettering.

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